WE FUEL THE FUTURE. This is our corporate credo and our main goal. We work towards this goal by providing energy supplies matching the needs of our customers. We carefully monitor market trends to take advantage of opportunities, and to develop a business strategy that would meet their expectations, while boosting the value of the ORLEN Group.

The ORLEN Group’s strategy is to build the Company value based on three pillars:

1. Enhanced competitiveness and integration of production assets in attractive markets

The Group holds high-class assets which integrate the refining business with petrochemical production, upstream and power generation. Thus, the Group benefits from natural hedging, which allows it to diversify risks and secure stable cash flows. Furthermore, its modern and extensive retail network, combined with the strength of the ORLEN brand, support the Group’s business profile, providing good prospects of further growth.

  • The development of the ORLEN Group’s Retail segment is based on innovative sales and marketing initiatives. We are building a strong and recognisable brand, while expanding our non-fuel services, based on the modern and extensive retail network.
  • In the production area, we are implementing a series of efficiency improvement and development projects at all our refineries. These measures are aimed at further enhancing our high-class assets, ensuring a competitive output of refining and petrochemical products that would deliver sustainably attractive margins.

2. Development of promising business areas

The ORLEN Group is also developing promising areas connected with its current operations. We contribute to sustainable growth of the Company’s value by investing in upstream and power generation.

  • We invest in power generation − a sector with large potential for growth. Through the construction of two CCGT units in Płock and Włocławek, the ORLEN Group will establish a strong position in the power generation market, and with the Group’s modern assets, the investment will generate significant profits.
  • We consistently invest in the upstream business, developing our capabilities in efficient hydrocarbon production. By taking over Canadian upstream companies, the Group gained access to producing assets, but also an opportunity to diversify its assets in terms of geography. In 2015, 25% of all growth-oriented capex will be spent on projects in the Upstream segment.

3. Investment in development and innovation

In the mid-term perspective, we see growth opportunities in innovative projects.

  • In the short term, by 2017, we plan to carry out a number of initiatives involving the use of advanced technologies and related to our current value chain. We will seek to identify the most promising innovative projects, such as big data technology, RES, or advanced petrochemical products.
  • Aware of the role of intellectual capital in modern economy, we focus on development of staff competencies. We consistently build our team of experts, and develop a system to support our leaders.