Sports sponsorship

For years sports have been one of the key areas of PKN ORLEN’s sponsorship activities. We have successfully promoted sports among children and young people and a healthy and active lifestyle among the general public.

The natural areas of PKN ORLEN’S sponsorship activities include those disciplines that inspire positive emotions and attitudes in millions of Poles and at the same time best reflect the nature of our Company − athletics and motor sports.

The Company was the initiator of the ORLEN Sports Group, gathering the best Polish athletes and medallists of the Olympic Games and the World and European Championships, as well as the ORLEN Team, the first professional cross-country rally team representing Poland in the Dakar rally, the FIM World Championship, and the FIA World Cup. As part of its sponsorship efforts, for more than ten years now PKN ORLEN has ensured that the beneficiaries of its programmes work in a fully professional environment to develop and continue their sports careers. Thanks to our support and determination, the members of the ORLEN Sports Group and the ORLEN Team successfully compete in the international arena, showing excellent performance.

Sports initiatives addressed to children and youth play an important role in PKN ORLEN’s long-term sponsorship strategy. As the largest Polish company, we take responsibility for the next generations of Poles. The most popular sports programmes addressed to this group include the ‘Athletics Thursdays’ project, actively supported by the Company, which is the largest sporting event in Poland, organised in 70 towns and cities across the country, and a vehicle that has successfully promoted mass and amateur sports for the last 20 years.

Another innovative project supported by PKN ORLEN is ‘Athletics for Everyone’, created by experts from the Polish Athletics Federation and primarily intended to develop a suitable training programme for children and young people that would contain elements designed to popularise and promote efforts aimed at raising the qualifications of athletics teachers and trainers. The programme is addressed to students of elementary and junior high schools.

We should also mention our proprietary programme for the development of talented motocross riders. The ‘ORLEN Team Academy’ is a project sponsored and executed by PKN ORLEN, as part of which renowned members of the ORLEN Team act as mentors and teachers. Under the watchful eye of their experienced colleagues, the young participants of the ORLEN Team Academy improve their driving technique and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to cope with difficult terrain.

An example of using the popularity of the ORLEN Sports Group members to encourage activity of the youngest children is the ‘Class with a Master’ early education project, which is a series of master classes in physical education held at Płock elementary schools and conducted by successful athletes: Tomasz Majewski, Piotr Małachowski, and Paweł Fajdek. From its very start, the programme has enjoyed constant and unwavering popularity.

PKN ORLEN’s sponsorship activities involve mainly support for high-profile national sporting events. We have for years successfully supported Olympics and Paralympics athletes in their efforts to reach for the highest laurels of the Games.