Promoting sports and healthy living

Initiatives promoting sports and healthy living have long been the keystone of our CSR activities. In addition to sponsoring world-class professionals, PKN ORLEN organises large public events for amateurs and sports enthusiasts.

ORLEN Warsaw Marathon

ORLEN Warsaw Marathon is the largest running event in Poland, organised under the National Running Day slogan. Held for the first time in 2013, since its first edition it has comprised three main runs: a marathon, a 10 kilometre run, and a charity run-march.

A day before the main runs of the ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, a 4.6 kilometre charity run-march is held, which in 2014 attracted 12 thousand runners. This number not only highlighted the scale of the event, but also had a measurable effect on the promotion of talented young athletes from foster family group homes. For each runner participating in the run-march, PKN ORLEN paid PLN 10 into the account of its ORLEN – Gift of the Heart Foundation that operates the ‘On the Podium’ scholarship programme.

The ORLEN Warsaw Marathon also features Poland Men’s Marathon Championship, and the cash prize pool is similar to that offered in other major running events in Europe.