Participation in public debate

For five years, PKN ORLEN has been implementing its Future Fuelled by Knowledge programme, an original initiative launched to encourage public debate on crucial economic, business, and social issues.

As the process of global economic and political change gathers momentum, people’s expectations about the role companies play in public life, as well as about the way they operate, evolve as well. Given growing consumer awareness, lifestyle changes, and dynamic developments in the area of social communication, companies are increasingly perceived as something more than merely manufacturers of goods, taxpayers and employers: they are expected to engage in a direct dialogue with customers, consumers and stakeholders.

PKN ORLEN responded to these challenges by launching, in 2010, the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’ project, which is designed as a platform for drawing conclusions and creating solutions through debates about the most pressing social, economic and political issues.

Some of these conclusions are developed as part of our participation in high-profile conferences held in Poland, including the European Financial Congress in Sopot, Economic Forum in Krynica, and European Forum of New Ideas. Those events provide a venue for experts, such as representatives of business, politics, science and culture, to discuss important matters of relevance to Poland, the CEE region, and Europe as a whole. Discussions initiated by PKN ORLEN cover various subjects, from energy security and building Europe’s competitive edge, to innovation and modern leadership models, to the analysis of mutual relations and the perception of our region’s societies.

An innovative website, Napędzamy Przyszłość, was also created so that the solutions and recommendations proposed during expert debates, held on a regular basis, could reach the widest audience possible. The platform includes a collection of materials on key economic and social events, as well as expert reviews, such as the report published in 2014 under the title 10/15/25 − Polish Transformation from Uncertainty to Success containing analyses prepared by people actively involved in the Polish transformation and watching it from abroad, including Vaclav Klaus, Tony Blair, Lech Wałęsa and Jan Krzysztof Bielecki.

An important publication complementing the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’ project is the Blog of Mr Adam Czyżewski, PKN ORLEN’s Chief Economist. Drawing on PKN ORLEN’s rich industry and business expertise, the Blog is primarily a tool for explaining complex economic processes to the public, with a special focus on the energy commodities sector. To keep abreast with modern-day communication requirements, the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’ project is supported by a corporate profile on the social media platform Twitter, where ongoing comments are provided on the most interesting issues pertaining to the Polish and global economies, as well as landmark events connected with the operations of PKN ORLEN.

PKN ORLEN intends to enhance the ‘Future Fuelled by Knowledge’ formula in the coming years in an effort to consistently raise the bar on the quality of the public debate in Poland.