Leaders of the future

The Company attaches great importance to modern leadership, and takes active steps to create and promote leaders both inside and outside the organisation.

In addition to being one of PKN ORLEN’s corporate values, People are also an important pillar of the Company’s strategy. In line with this philosophy, the Company seeks to train and promote leaders across various fields, both within the organisation and beyond. The ‘Poles with Verve’ poll, which was organised for the second time in 2014, exemplifies this approach. The initiative sees a judging panel composed of prominent individuals recognise young people whose achievements contribute to creating a modern, innovative and friendly Poland.

The following persons received grants to finance their projects: Medicine – Przemysław Juszczyński, M.D. (doctor habilitatus), Science – Magdalena Król, Ph.D. (doctor habilitatus), Environmental Protection – Monika Selin, Design and Architecture – Natalia Paszkowska, Innovation in Business – Konrad Sierzputowski, Culture and Arts – Bartłomiej Wąsik, and Sports – Zbigniew Bródka. In the ‘Poles with Verve’ poll, a special award is also granted to individuals with outstanding contribution to the popularisation of the areas of human activity covered by the poll’s categories. In 2014, the special award went to Poland men’s national volleyball team, the winners of the 2014 World Championship.

Since leader creation efforts are naturally linked to education, the Company participates in numerous initiatives supporting the education and development of students at Polish and foreign universities.