Safety at ORLEN Group companies

The ORLEN Group regularly applies measures aimed at identification and elimination of safety hazards at the Group companies.

In 2014, we continued our systematic and proactive efforts to create optimum working conditions at ORLEN Group companies, evaluate existing mechanisms and implement new solutions. Through these initiatives, we strive for an accident-free corporate occupational safety culture. Safety hazards at ORLEN Group companies are systematically identified and eliminated.

The ORLEN Group companies have achieved greater integration with respect to fire protection standards for their production and storage facilities.

In 2014, the Total Recordable Rate (TRR) was 1.32, representing a fall of around 12% relative to 2013 (TRR 2013 – 1.5), which is the best result in the Group's history. Five accidents were reported in 2014, and there were eight cases of diagnosed occupational diseases at the companies. At the same time, more Group companies recorded no accidents at work. 



Persons injured in accidents at work in 2014, by sex:

  • 2 women, 5% of the injured,
  • 38 men, 95% of the injured.

Types of injuries sustained during accidents at work at the ORLEN Group in 2014:

  • cuts − 6 cases, 15% of all injuries,
  • bruises − 10 cases, 25% of all injuries,
  • burns − 10 cases, 25% of all injuries,
  • fractures − 8 cases, 20% of all injuries,
  • dislocations and sprains − 6 cases, 15% of all injuries.