Challenges for 2015

It is PKN ORLEN's ambition to maintain the status of a safe workplace by systematically raising employee awareness across all ranks. 

The following targets have been set under our Strategic Objectives for 2015:

  • No accidents involving employees and contractors;
  • No tolerance for unacceptable risk;
  • No industrial failures;
  • No fires;
  • Implementation of a segment-based OHS management system;
  • TRR ≤ 1.8 at PKN ORLEN and other Group companies, including contractors.

Priorytety bezpieczeństwa

We strive to make PKN ORLEN a safe work environment, aiming to completely eliminate work-related accidents and occupational diseases.
Our policy for the Integrated Safety Management System reflects the commitment of the Company’s management and staff to ensuring proper OHS conditions for our employees as well as care for employees of our external contractors.

More information

We adopt a comprehensive approach to people’s health and safety, given the type and specific nature of the technologies we use and the potential threats to work, process, fire and radiation safety.

PKN ORLEN has an Occupational Health and Safety Committee and a Social Labour Inspectorate.

More information can be found in the PKN ORLEN's Corporate Responsibility Report 2010, p. 42-43.