Recruitment policy

In 2014, the Company's recruitment policy concentrated on acquiring specialists for the Power Generation and Upstream segments.

In 2014, we continued the ORLEN recruitment policy, focusing on the attraction of highly qualified experts whose knowledge and skills, together with the experience and professionalism of existing staff, would ensure the continuity and highest quality of the Group’s business processes. We continuously focused on acquiring key competences for the Upstream and Power Generation segments, thus strengthening the Group’s position as a multi-utility energy business.

We also worked closely with academic institutions to encourage students and graduates to pursue professional development in these areas of the ORLEN Group's business.

The Adaptation Programme, which allows new employees to familiarise themselves with ORLEN Group operations and its organisational culture, was continued. Besides an introductory meeting and workshops with experts, under the Adaptation Programme employees also take part in e-learning programmes covering the Group’s history, current organisational and employee issues, as well as its core values and standards of conduct.