Family-Friendly Employer

PKN ORLEN employees have access to specialist healthcare, and those with small children are offered additional benefits under the Family-Friendly Employer programme.

As a company implementing modern-day solutions aimed at keeping the balance between work and family life, PKN ORLEN carried out the ‘Family-Friendly Employer’ project, offering benefits such as: additional two days off to care for a child under three years old, one additional hour for breastfeeding, quick access to a paediatrician, comprehensive medical care during pregnancy, baby feeding rooms, and sending Company updates to female employees on maternity and parental/childcare leaves. Efforts to ensure work-life balance are also carried out at the Group level.


The Company provides extensive preventive medical care going beyond the scope of occupational medicine, including: consultations with specialists, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, rehabilitation, vaccinations, and preventive healthcare programmes offered in cooperation with Centrum Medyczne Medica Sp. z o.o. in Płock and the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw.