Equal remuneration for women and men

The objectives of PKN ORLEN's remuneration policy and its application in practice guarantee equal pay to all employees, regardless of their sex.

The base pay in a given job position is within the pay range specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. When determining employee remuneration, the employer takes into account such criteria as qualifications, professional experience and performance assessment. Our remuneration policy translates into largely similar pay levels for both female and male employees.

Proportion of male and female employees’ pay by position to the average basic pay rate in 2014

Proportion of men's and women's average base pay to average base pay at PKN ORLEN S.A. in 2014 99.80% 100.00%
Clerk 61% 54%
Production process operator 66% 65%
Account manager 67% 74%
Specialist 92% 93%
Sales representative 96% 104%
Other 83% 87%
Production process foreperson 118% 109%
Production support engineer - 95%
Sales manager 113% 112%
Manager 158% 159%
Director 340% 435%

Ratio of men's and women's base pay by position at the ORLEN Group's key locations in 2014


Clerk 88%
Production process operator 99%
Account manager 109%
Specialist 101%
Sale representative 108%
Other 104%
Production process foreperson 93%
Sales manager 99%
Manager 100%
Director 128%

PKN ORLEN takes care to ensure its employees receive adequate remuneration. Data in the table below is presented in relation to national minimum pay in Poland in 2014.

Ratio of the average base pay at the lowest pay grade1) to minimum pay in 2014

Men 135%
Women 172%

1) In accordance with the PKN ORLEN Collective Bargaining Agreement.