Educational and informational events addressed to university and secondary school students

PKN ORLEN has initiated a number of information and education campaigns intended to promote openness and access to information.

In addition to internships and work placement programmes, the following educational and informational efforts were directed towards students and school pupils in 2014:

  • ‘ORLEN Knowledge Day’ – a series of meetings at universities during which students learnt about PKN ORLEN’s business and innovative projects. In 2014, the project was extended with modules carried out by other companies of the ORLEN Group;
  • ‘Questions about Recruitment’ − open day with the Recruitment Team, intended to promote openness and access to information, to support local job market and to offer educational support;
  • PKN ORLEN representatives at job fairs: Engineer Job Fair in Warsaw, Job Fair in Płock, Academic Job Fair in Łódź, and AGH University of Science and Technology Job Fair;
  • Participation in the nationwide Case Week project, during which representatives of the Retail and Logistics Operational Standards areas prepared and carried out a case study for the students of Warsaw universities.