Fulfilment of the 2014 commitments

PKN ORLEN meets its commitments undertaken and made public in the document 'Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Ten years of corporate responsibility reporting'.

Society To develop a strategy for the PKN ORLEN Employee Volunteering Programme Completed
In the area of corporate culture – to continue communicating the corporate values, consolidate knowledge of the values, and organise a contest on the 'Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN'  
In progress
Society / To launch an application to handle applications for donations In progress
Commitments of the ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART Foundation To implement pro-environmental projects  
Environment To continue the environmental projects at the in-house CHP plant Completed
To prepare applications for Integrated Permits containing Baseline Reports on land Completed
To implement the objectives of the Environmental Strategy Completed
To develop good practices in the area of education Completed
To commence work on reclamation of the municipal and inactive waste disposal site located on the premises of the Płock Production Plant In progress
  To implement an online system enabling customers to evaluate the service obtained at a service station and share opinions on the operation of the station (this commitment should expand the possibility of implementing customer opinions and their contributing to how the service stations operate)  
Market − customers' contribution to improvements at the stations  
Safety To introduce new indicators:  
Work Safety Culture Indicator  
Hazard Reporting and Follow-up Rate (HRF)  Completed
To implement the Work Safety Culture Improvement Programme Consistently implemented
To implement the OHS Incentive Programme covering all employees Completed
To introduce a Health and Safety at Work Day at the Company Completed
To introduce a new system of classification of external contractors and improve OHS supervision  
Management To commence work on the implementation of the Business Continuity Management System compliant with the ISO 22301 standard Initial preparatory stage Completion (certification) of the system in a selected area is scheduled at the end of 2017