Environmental compliance

The changing regulatory environment encourages implementation of investment projects which mitigate the Company's environmental impact.

The Płock Production Plant and the Włocławek PTA Plant hold all relevant legally required permits, based on which they operated in 2014. All decisions and permits held by PKN ORLEN are listed in detail in the ‘List of decisions and permits issued by public administration authorities to the Płock Production Plant, Włocławek PTA Plant and fuel terminals’. The list is updated on an on-going basis by the Environmental Protection Office and made available on the Company’s intranet, in line with the procedure for the identification of and access to legal requirements and the periodic assessment of legal compliance.

Integrated permits and sectoral permits need to be updated on an on-going basis in keeping with the evolving legal environment and business needs. In 2014, three new integrated permits were obtained.

Also ORLEN Group companies applied for new integrated permits. They filed a total of five applications along with baseline reports.

In 2014, compliance of our operations with the environmental laws was verified by representatives of the Płock and Włocławek Units of the relevant Provincial Inspectorates of
 Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) during the following environmental inspections:

  • 12 inspections at the Płock Production Plant, including 1 related to an investment project, 1 emergency inspection, and 10 comprehensive inspections;
  • 1 comprehensive inspection at the Włocławek PTA Plant.

Local Provincial Inspectorates of Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) as well as County and Municipal Offices held 70 inspections at PKN ORLEN’s regional units. Provincial Inspectorates of Environmental Protection performed 57 inspections at service stations and issued 8 post-inspection instructions. At fuel terminals, Provincial Inspectorates of Environmental Protection performed 8 inspections and issued
1 post-inspection instruction.

The condition of the inspected facilities and the identified irregularities were not correlated; therefore, an accurate comparison of the number and type of irregularities is not possible. Most of the irregularities identified through the inspections were removed
on the spot. No financial penalties were imposed on PKN ORLEN in 2014.

In 2014, environmental protection spending at the Płock Production Plant reached PLN 460.62m, up 222.7% on 2013. Expenditure on environmental protection represented 19.54% of the total capex budget in 2014.

Environmental protection expenditure at the Płock Production Plant

Environmental protection expenditure at the Płock Production Plant


Spending on environmental protection at service stations amounted to PLN 10,170,488.89 in 2014, down 77.84% year on year, and included both capex and non-capex projects, primarily the upgrading of fuel tanks at service stations to protect soil and water against contamination, as well as proper water and wastewater management.

At fuel terminals, non-capex environmental protection projects were carried out in 2014, including the protection against the release of contaminants to the ground. The related expenditure totalled PLN 850,147.00.

The ORLEN Group’s most important investment projects relating to environmental protection included:

  • ORLEN Oil – upgrade of burners;
  • ORLEN Lietuva – design of the refinery natural gas supply systems, installation of burners with low NOx emissions, and installation of the burner management system;
  • IKS Solino – construction of the solar oil unit in the Góra Salt Mine and Underground Crude Oil and Fuel Storage Facility;
  • UNIPETROL – installation of a flue gas denitrification unit;
  • ANWIL S.A. – upgrade of cooling/freon units;
  • ORLEN Asfalt – upgrade of oil scrubbing units.

Businesses using the environment are required to pay environmental charges, as provided for in the Environmental Protection Law of April 27th 2001 (Dz. U. of 2013, item 1232, as amended). The Płock Production Plant pays environmental charges for air emissions, abstraction of water, and discharge of effluents to water and soil. The Włocławek PTA Plant pays only for air emissions since its requirements in terms of abstraction of water and discharge of effluents are satisfied by a third party under a civil law agreement.

Fees for the economic use of the environment at the Płock Production Plant and the Włocławek PTA Plant

FeeTotal amount [PLN]Increase/decrease
Total 16,296,257.00 17,429,784.00 1,133,527 7%
Emissions (including from vehicles) 14,100,341.00* 15,291,094.00 1,190,753.00 8%
- Płock Production Plant 13,914,601.00* 15,079,112.00 1,164,511 8%
- Włocławek PTA Plant 185,740.00* 211,981.72 26,241.72 14%
Abstraction of water 1,233,672.71 1,271,394.00 37,721.00 3%
Discharge of treated wastewater 962,243.38 867,296.00 -94,947.00 -10%

* Adjustment to charges for air emissions for 2013 due to the payment for CO2 emission allowances.

In 2014, charges for air emissions from the Płock Production Plant increased, mainly due to fact that in 2013 charges for actual CO2 emissions were eliminated, and only payments for CO2 allowance allocations were incurred. As a result, the 2013 charges were subsequently adjusted.

Total fees for the economic use of the environment at service stations, fuel terminals, separate assets, and other PKN ORLEN facilities

FeeTotal amount [PLN]Increase/decrease
Total 808,412.00 705,118.00 -103,294.00 -12.8
Air emissions 623,680.00 537,957.00 -85,723.00 -13.7
Abstraction of water 8,217.00 8,044.00 -17,398.00 -9.9
Discharge of wastewater 176,515.00 159,117.00 173 -2.1

In 2014, total fees for the economic use of the environment at PKN ORLEN’s regional units dropped by 12.8%, mainly owing to changes in the sales volumes of individual products.

Fees for the economic use of the environment at PKN ORLEN in 2013−2014

Opłaty za korzystanie ze środowiska w PKN ORLEN w latach 2013–2014

In 2014, PKN ORLEN recorded an overall increase in the total amount of fees for the
economic use of the environment, up 6.0% on 2013. This was mainly due to the increase of charges for air emissions at the Płock Production Plant, and for abstraction of water at regional units.

The ORLEN Group’s Environmental Report

In 2014, the ORLEN Group published its 2013 Environmental Report, prepared with contribution from 36 Group companies. The Report highlighted key environmental protection achievements and main challenges in the area of sustainable management of the Company’s environment. The Report was prepared by the ORLEN Group companies based not only in Poland, but also in Lithuania, Germany and the Czech Republic. Read more...