Development of good practices in the area of environmental education

PKN ORLEN is an organiser and a partner of many pro-environmental projects aimed at protection and restoration of the natural environment.

Nature compensation projects related to removal of trees in the area of the Płock Production Plant

A large production company like PKN ORLEN uses the natural environment intensively, which involves removing trees and shrubs in industrial areas designated for new projects. To compensate for those environmental impacts, we embark on numerous pro-environmental projects, including the planting of trees and shrubs on the Company’s own premises and in the town of Płock. In 2014, PKN ORLEN planted 368 trees and 660 shrubs in the municipality of Płock.

Trees and shrubs are also being planted in connection with the planned CCGT unit in Płock. In 2014, stage 1 of this project was completed, during which 176 trees were planted in the green areas of Płock. Particularly worthy of note is the newly created green area where the Company, together with representatives of the Mayor of Płock, planted new trees and constructed an educational trail dedicated to the protection of peregrine falcon.

Continuation of efforts with the ‘SOKÓŁ’ Society for Wild Animals to restore the peregrine falcon population

Since 1999, PKN ORLEN has been actively involved in efforts to restore the peregrine falcon population in Poland, in cooperation with the ‘SOKÓŁ’ (‘FALCON’) Wildlife Protection Association. The magnificent peregrine falcon is listed on the Polish Red List of Animals as a CR (critically endangered) species. The programme is a showcase of PKN ORLEN’s long-term environmental initiatives. The partnership with the SOKÓŁ Association is also regularly recognised and awarded in environmental competitions (for example, in 2010 it received the ‘Stars of Polish Ecology’ title awarded in the category ‘institution supporting environmental projects’ for the ‘‘To the Rescue of the Peregrine Falcon’ project).

Under the agreement with the Association, nesting peregrine falcons are documented every year on photographic and video materials on the day chicks are ringed, and the annual inspection and maintenance of the boxes is carried out outside the breeding season. In 2014, two peregrine falcons hatched in the nest box located on the Claus plant chimney. The nestlings were ringed with ornithological and bird-watching rings. Since the first in 2002, 39 peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in the grounds of the PKN ORLEN complex.

In 2014, an educational trail dedicated to the peregrine falcon was opened in Płock. For more information on the peregrine falcon, history of the nest, the programme and the ‘SOKÓŁ’ (‘FALCON’) Wildlife Protection Association, visit

Continuation of the Responsible Care Programme

Responsible Care (RC) is a global pro-environmental initiative of the chemical industry. In Poland, it has been running for 22 years as  ‘Odpowiedzialność i Troska’ under the auspices of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry. It is implemented on a voluntary basis by 31 companies from the chemical and related sectors, carrying out projects in the area of:

  • Environmental protection,
  • Health protection,
  • Enhancing process safety.

The participants include PKN ORLEN and other ORLEN Group companies. Continuous improvement is a measure of the Responsible Care programme’s universality, and continuous dialogue with clients, suppliers, trading partners and local communities is one of the key areas of a company’s contribution to the initiative. The programme’s participants make a public declaration of their intention to improve their performance and are expected to demonstrate their achievements.

In 2014, PKN ORLEN performed its obligations under the implemented and certified Responsible Care Framework Management System.

IKS Solino and ORLEN Asfalt joined the group of companies certified for the Responsible Care Framework Management System in 2014, and Unipetrol had its RC Programme recertified and obtained the right to use the logo for the following three years.

Under the Programme, ORLEN implemented the projects declared for 2014 in the area of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Of the 56 projects declared by ORLEN, 34 were completed and the remaining 22 are in progress and will be continued in 2015.

Besides reporting and mandatory tasks, PKN ORLEN continued an initiative to increase employees’ involvement in learning and expanding their knowledge about the ideas behind and guidelines of the Responsible Care Programme, and their appreciation of nature’s beauty around us. Once again, the Company participated in projects proposed by the RC Programme, namely a series of competitions addressed to employees and focusing on major environmental protection events such as the International Birds Day (April 1st), World Environment Day (June 5th), International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (September 16th), World Food Day (October 16th) and the ‘Catch the Rabbit’ photography competition. The 8th edition of the ‘Catch the Rabbit’ competition attracted 38 participants, who contributed 104 photographs. In the 2nd junior edition of the event, 11 children contributed 23 pictures.

Over the eight years of the competition, 352 PKN ORLEN’s employees participated in the local round of the contest, winning the main prize in 2009 and 2012 in the project’s national finals.

Other ORLEN Group companies also participated in the above and other projects, including the ‘Tree for Bottle’ or ‘Environmental Academy’ initiatives. Of these, Anwil S.A. was the most active, as it took part in all RC Programme initiatives.