CSR strategy

In November 2014, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Supervisory Board was established.

In accordance with the adopted Sustainable Development Strategy, the ORLEN Group looks beyond its operational and financial objectives and attaches great importance to delivering value growth for the benefit of all groups of stakeholders (including employees, customers, shareholders, local communities and other parties), based on sustainable and responsible use of resources. Our 2015−2017 CSR strategy focuses on building corporate culture and securing professional and personal advancement opportunities for our employees in parallel with the Company’s stable development. The strategy precisely defines specific targets to be achieved in each area in the time horizon to 2017, which come with KPIs as a tool to monitor and evaluate the progress.

The importance of corporate social responsibility at the Company is underlined by the establishment, in November 2014, of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Supervisory Board, responsible for supporting the Company’s strategic goals by incorporating social, ethical and environmental objectives in its operations and relations with stakeholders. The Committee also supervises the implementation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and monitors corporate management practices for compliance with the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN’.

In line with the Strategy, the Company seeks not only to observe all relevant standards, but also to create them. This is confirmed by the number of innovative best practices we have adopted. The latest report of the Resposible Business Forum – ‘Responsible Business in Poland 2014: Best Practices’, – contained as much as 26 best practices put forward by PKN ORLEN.

People are our most valuable asset. Our concern for them is reflected in social initiatives carried out by the Company and its ORLEN Gift from the Heart Foundation. As a public benefit organisation, the Foundation is a crucial element of our CSR efforts, whose main mission is to engage in activities fostering equal opportunities for children deprived of the care of their natural parents, and to develop active partnership with local communities.

The Foundation pursues these goals by initiating and carrying out its own programmes, as well as by financing projects which are consistent with its objectives but run by other NGOs or local-government institutions. Its beneficiaries include first and foremost children and their guardians in foster family group homes, talented youth and NGOs involved in initiatives promoting education, health protection, public security and culture, as well as national heritage protection.

The Company communicates its corporate social responsibility initiatives through regular CSR reports, which since 2008 have been prepared in line with the Global Reporting Initiative standards.