Social environment

PKN ORLEN engages in ongoing dialogue with the local communities in the areas where it operates.

Relations with local communities

In 2014, the ORLEN Group continued its involvement in joint initiatives with local communities, with the majority of our community projects implemented in the locations where we run our business operations.

In the town of Płock, home to the Company’s registered office and largest production plant, our local activities are focused on a number of key areas. To start with, as part of the Grant Fund for Płock we provide support to most active and visible local NGOs.

We also work with Płock municipal authorities in developing the town’s infrastructure. In 2014, we continued a joint project to build a sports and recreational area around the ORLEN Arena sports hall.

The third area in which we provide support to local communities is our involvement in the promotion of professional and amateur sports, culture and arts, as well as educational projects.

As part of our long-term activities related to the promotion of sports and active lifestyle, PKN ORLEN has been involved in a number of major projects such as the partnership with the ORLEN Wisła Płock handball team, as well as the sponsorship of and naming rights for the ORLEN Arena Sports and Performance Hall in Płock, the ORLEN CUP International Athletics Meeting, and the Płock ORLEN Polish Open tournament for tennis players on wheelchairs. We also sponsored the Płock Rowing Association and local running events.

PKN ORLEN regularly engages in the promotion of classical music in Płock through the sponsorship of the Płock Symphony Orchestra and the Pueri et Puellae Cantores Plocenses children’s choir. We also continued to work with organisations whose activities focus on encouraging locals to engage in artistic projects, including the Per Se Theatre Association and the Król Maciuś Pierwszy Youth Community Centre.

In the area of education, PKN ORLEN supported yet another edition of the Scholarship Programme for children in junior high schools and secondary schools in the town of Płock and the County of Płock.

PKN ORLEN is a signatory to a number of sustainable development and CSR declarations

  • ‘Vision of Sustainable Development of Polish Businesses until 2050’, a project launched in 2015 by the Polish Ministry of Economy, Responsible Business Forum, and Deloitte, a consultancy company, which is meant to integrate Polish companies around the idea of sustainable development. The documents identifies the key challenges and priorities which require a pro-active approach to support social and economic transformation. In 2014, PKN ORLEN  signed the ‘Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development’, containing the initiative’s agenda;
  • 'Code of Responsible Business Practice' - a document developed with a specific focus on Polish enterprises, their operating conditions and everyday challenges, which presents the fundamental rules of responsible business. The nine rules of the Code relate to different areas considered important not only to continuing growth, but also to the promotion of corporate social responsibility at Polish enterprises;
  • 'Declaration on Sustainable Development in the Polish Energy Sector', putting the spotlight on:
    • Business transparency and efficient management,
    • Occupational health and safety,
    • Respect for customers’ rights, cooperation with local authorities and NGOs,
    • Stakeholder engagement and care for the local environment,
    • Partner relations with customers, suppliers and subcontractors,
    • Promoting energy-efficient solutions and clean technologies,
    • Environmentally friendly energy sources, cooperation within the sector, knowledge sharing,
    • Transparency, reliability, public access to financial statements and reports;
  • Sustainable Development Committee at the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.

Płocki Park Przemysłowo-Technologiczny (the Płock Industry and Technology Park) – ‘innovation and investment’

A joint project of the local authorities of the town of Płock and PKN ORLEN, designed to build a consistent and efficient model for turning research and knowledge into state-of-the-art technologies which can be effectively applied in the industrial sector to create new jobs.

Partnership with NGOs

PKN ORLEN has teamed up with non-governmental organisations to enhance and extend the public-private dialogue:

  • The Good Neighbourhood Grant Fund for Ostrów Wielkopolski Association: supports local NGOs in the implementation of projects related to culture, art, national heritage, science and education, health protection and disease prevention, social security, sports and physical education;
  • The Grant Fund for Płock Foundation: grants financial support to NGOs in Płock to support social projects addressed to the inhabitants of Płock;
  • The Museum of Oil and Gas Industry in Bóbrka Foundation: established by PKN ORLEN S.A., Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo S.A. (Polish Oil&Gas Company) and Stowarzyszenie Naukowo – Techniczne Inżynierów i Techników Przemysłu Naftowego i Gazowniczego (Polish Association of Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians). The goal of the Foundation is to support and develop the Museum, protect historical objects, increase the number of exhibits, promote the Museum, and protect cultural heritage;
  • PKN ORLEN has also provided support to the following foundations: Prof. Bronisław Geremek Centre; Polish Humanitarian Action; ‘Świat na Tak’; and the Association of Victims and Casualties of Foreign Missions.

CSR and sustainable development initiatives

  • Global Compact – we have declared our commitment to embrace the ten fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption;
  • Compliance with environmental protection standards set forth in our Environmental Policy;
  • The Responsible Care programme.

Fair Trade

Our Stop Cafes and Stop Cafe Bistros only sell Fairtrade coffee; this means that our suppliers respect the principles of fair trade, developed to eliminate problems such as the exploitation of workers at coffee plantations. We also support the World Land Trust organisation which fights against destruction of rainforests in South America. Our coffee producer cooperates with the Belgian organisation Corporate Funds Programme, which implements projects to combat poverty in developing countries.

Membership of organisations and associations

We have partnered with a number of industry, expert and business organisations and associations to build long-lasting relations with our business environment. Thanks to the involvement and commitment of our employees, we have access to up-to-date information on the planned legislative changes for the fuel and chemical sector both in Poland and in the European Union, and to the findings of global research and technological solutions which may be applied by the Company. Membership of various organisations also contributes to the integration of PKN ORLEN’s engineers and technical staff with employees of other oil and petrochemical industry companies in Poland and abroad, and offers an opportunity for learning and sharing our experience with others.

Assistance System for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials (SPOT)

The System is based on regional units having sufficient resources for the declared level of assistance. The System has adopted three assistance levels. The National SPOT Centre, part of PKN ORLEN S.A.’s Company Fire Service, offers level 1 assistance by providing information over the telephone and on the website.