The ORLEN Group sells its products to customers in 58 countries across 4 continents. Our client base includes both individual customers (such as motorists) and institutional clients representing virtually all industry sectors – including the chemical, automotive, aviation, power, construction, packaging, agricultural, and food production business.

We reach individual customers mainly through our service station networks spanning across Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania. Every product sold to a customer comes with a top quality guarantee. As a result of the substantial investments made by the Company, the unleaded gasolines and diesel oils produced by our refineries fully satisfy all European standards, and even exceed them markedly in certain cases. PKN ORLEN was also Poland’s first producer to protect its products against microbiological contamination.

The size of our institutional clients is highly diversified – starting from small local companies up to Poland’s and world’s largest corporations such as Grupa Azoty, KGHM, PGE, or BASF, EDF, Grupa Veolia, GDF Suez, BP and Shell.

Our petrochemical products (such as benzene, ethylene, and PTA) provide a basis for other products and services we use in our everyday lives. Not only do we produce fuels used by cars, aircraft, ships or power plants, but also lubricants, bitumens, and a whole range of other basic organic substances used in the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, and virtually all other chemicals.

Our heavy fuel oil is burned in central heating boilers, steam generators, industrial furnaces and used in industrial processes.

With our portfolio of aviation fuels, we provide fuel services designed for all aircraft types.

ORLEN Gaz is the leader of the LPG market, sells liquid gas to wholesale clients, is engaged in the distribution of gas cylinders, but also builds industrial liquid gas installations and implements LPG projects used in industrial processes, in agriculture and in the construction sector.

In Poland, we are one of the largest producers and marketers of bitumens, which are sold to companies and consortia implementing road construction projects, and to producers of bitumen-based products used in the construction sector (such as roof coverings, roofing papers, or thermal insulation products).

ANWIL is a major CEE producer of nitrogen fertilizers used in the agricultural sector, leader of Poland’s PVC market, and the only Polish producer of suspension polyvinyl chloride (trade name: POLANVIL). PVC products are sold primarily to customers representing the construction sector and the broadly defined municipal infrastructure sector (window and door frames, piping and tapware, windowsills, gutters), as well as the electrical sector (cable and wire sheaths) and packaging industry (foils). They are also used in a variety of other applications (such as the production of footwear or garden hoses). Sodium hydroxide is one of the primary chemicals used virtually across all industry sectors, both as a feedstock in various types of organic and inorganic synthesis, and as an auxiliary material in the aluminium, cellulose and paper, textile and viscose industries, as well as in the processing of crude oil, treatment of water for industrial applications, waste treatment, and in the food industry.

ORLEN Południe is the major player on Poland’s biofuels and biocomponents market, offering both biocomponents which can be blended with traditional diesel oils or used as a standalone fuel. The Company’s portfolio features a broad range of products for households, public buildings, small- and medium-sized enterprises, as well as specialist installations and industrial facilities.

IKS Solino is a manufacturer of products made using the salt from the company’s own salt mine. The Company produces salt granules used in dishwashers, table salt, curing salt for the meat industry, feed salt used in the production of fodder and compound animal feed, and industrial salt used as an ingredient in washing powders, dishwashing liquids, soap, detergents, as well as road salt for salting sidewalks.

PKN ORLEN’s CHP plant produces electricity in co-generation with heat for the Płock Production Plant and also for external customers operating on its premises. It is also the only source of heat for the district heating system of the town of Płock.

The ORLEN Group’s portfolio also includes a broad range of services, such as wholesale of fuels, supply of marine fuels and LPG, transport services, maintenance of service stations and fuel depots, repairs of various types of machinery, as well as health and safety and fire prevention services.