Downstream – Logistics infrastructure

The strategic location of ORLEN Group companies ensures good access to raw material and product pipelines, as well as on-shore and off-shore terminals in Gdańsk and Būtingė. By using a network of complementary logistics assets, including fuel terminals, handling terminals, pipeline networks and rail and road transport, the Group strives for maximum efficiency of transport and storage of both products and raw materials. Logistics companies operating in Poland include ORLEN KolTrans and ORLEN Transport, and in the Czech Republic − Unipetrol Doprava and Petrotrans.

The 2014−2017 strategy provides for further optimisation of logistics processes, which is expected to be achieved through alliances and synergies generated in cooperation with the Group’s strategic partners (PERN, PPL and ČEPRO), asset upgrades, use of pipelines currently in development by other logistics operators, and expansion of the handling capacity of the Świnoujście terminal.

Infrastruktura Logistyczna Wykorzystywana przez Grupę OLEN i Struktura transportu paliw