IIRC and the concept of this report

PKN ORLEN's Integrated Report is a reflection of global standards and trends in corporate reporting, promoted by organisations such as the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). These new guidelines encourage firms to abandon performance reporting based strictly on their organisational structure in favour of a more dynamic and multidimensional approach to communication with stakeholders.

The pillars of integrated reporting (organisational overview, governance, risks and opportunities, business models, performance and outlook) offer a far better insight into the life of a company.

The idea and content of PKN ORLEN's 2014 Integrated Report are based around the following three principles:

  • Integration
  • Human factor
  • Connectivity


We have defined our key areas with the principle of integration in mind, which is reflected in the very structure of this report:

  • How we fuel the future -> Strategy and outlook (IIRC)
    Pillars of our strategy and development directions

  • How we create value -> Business model (IIRC)
    Value chain − Downstream, Retail and Upstream segments

  • How we make decisions -> Governance (IIRC)
    The Group's corporate governance, relations between corporate units and key assumptions of the ORLEN Group management

  • How we manage risks - > Risks and opportunities (IIRC)
    Enterprise risk management system

  • What we achieved -> Performance (IIRC)
    Our achievements in individual areas of our operations


Strategies, achievements and efficient organisation require more than just data and processes. Behind every decision and every success there are people, which is why we asked our key stakeholders to provide their comments for this report.

Thanks to them, this document provides a fuller picture of ORLEN − a business that fuels the future, creates Group value, makes decisions, manages risk and delivers results − as well as its prospects for the future.


The contents of this report are not static.

Its pages are interlinked, forming a unique, chain-like structure.

Each subpage is linked to:


The contents may be defined through different kinds of capital − whether financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social or natural.


This linkage enables easier access to information on capitals, which often overlap building the Company value in different areas.


(<IR> framework, p 11-13)

  • GRI G4

Linkage to GRI G4 guidelines.

This report presents non-financial data in compliance with the G4 version of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Each internal page contains information on the relevant GRI indicator, along with several other tools, such as GRI search and GRI table.



This linkage allows readers to access other, similar topics by clicking on the icon below:



Selected internal pages link back to data from the Company's two most recent annual reports, allowing users to compare relevant data and trends over the past few years.

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